If you’re into affiliate marketing (and who isn’t?), WPBlackhat has the complete tool-set to hide your referrers so the merchants/affiliate companies will NEVER know the real source of your traffic.

The latest CPA Redirectors and latest CPA Framers are now under one menu option in WPBlackhat – see screenshot below.

There are two types of CPA Redirectors and two types CPA Framers.

Standalone CPA Redirector (SCPA-R)

Here’s the forum thread SCPA-R: http://wpblackhat.com/forum/showthread.php?p=135259

SCPA-R is one simple file that can be placed anywhere on a website, in the root, in a folder or on a sub-domain. You simple edit the file and set the URL where you want traffic sent to and set the magic number. You then simply send traffic to the site where SCPA-R is and it will spoof the referrer and redirect the traffic the desired URL.

For example, send traffic to mysite.com/?mn=111 and all the traffic will have the referrer of mysite.com and will be redirected to the desired URL or offer.

CPA Redirector v5 (WP Plugin)

Here’s the forum thread for CPA-R v5: http://wpblackhat.com/forum/showthread.php?p=135359

CPA-R v5 is a WordPress plugin. Simply upload it to the plugin directory and activate and it’s ready to go. With this plugin, you set any number of random URLs for the traffic to be forwarded to. You can set URLs for categories, archives, homepage, pages and posts. This is by far the best plugin redirecting traffic and spoofing (faking) the referrer.

Standalone CPA Framer (SCPA-F)

Here’s the forum thread for SCPA-F: http://wpblackhat.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15674

SCPA-F is simply one file that can be placed anywhere on a site. This tool lets you frame offers and fake the referrer at the same time. It works in the same way as SCPA-R.

CPA Framer v5 (WP Plugin)

Forum thread for CPA-F: http://wpblackhat.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15679

This works like CPA-R but frames offers and spoof s the referrer at the same time. It’s a WP plugin that only take seconds to install.

Standalone CPA-R with GEO IP

Forum thread for SCPA-R with GEO IP: http://wpblackhat.com/forum/showthread.php?p=135262

This is the same as SCPA-R but can redirect traffic based on the country it came from. For example, you can send US traffic to one URL, Canadian traffic to another, UK traffic to a different URL, etc.

If you don’t know about spoofin traffic referrers, read more here.

One of the most important things can a blackhat should be able to do is spoof (hide or fake) the referrer of his traffic sources. What does this mean?

If you buy traffic from Google, Bing or even Facebook, usually the referrer will be Google, Bing or Facebook. But, what if you get traffic from Craigslist or you buy very cheap porn traffic, do you really want any advertisers on your sites to know that the traffic came from Craigslist or porn sites? Here’s some info from Wiki about referrer spoofing.

From: http://wpblackhat.com/wpblog/spoofing-the-referrer/

$500 a day with CPA Redirector:

It’s all about focus, once you strap down and put 100% effort into a single method the money will follow. In this post I’m giving away one of the easiest methods I have ever come up with that has yielded me over $500/day. Any functional human being can profit with this, hell, with enough work you can make a decent living off this alone. In the end it simply depends on the amount of focus you’re willing to put in. Despite how easy the method I’m sharing is, I know 90% of you will either give up or become distracted before making anything decent. There will also be one or two of you who will realize the methods endless potential and will twist it around in every which way possible making $500/day look like a joke.

From: http://wpblackhat.com/wpblog/500-a-day-with-cpa-redirector/

Here’s the old version of CPA Redirector – not recommended for use because it may leak the referrer on certain mobile platforms. The latest CPA Redirectors will not leak referrer ever.

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