Here’s a bit of fun and very easy to do. If you haven’t dabbled in the dark side yet, try this. (aka Blogspot) is owner by Google and hosts millions of blogs. Most are crap and quite a few are spam blogs (aka splogs), but some are good. How do we know there are millions of blogs on Blogger? Well, Tumblr has over 90 million so I would imagine Blogger has many millions upon millions of blogs but Google does not give out that kind of info like Tumblr.


There are many tools to auto-post to Blogger – search Google and you’ll find quite a few.

Let’s say you have Blogger blog that has plenty of traffic but does not make much or any money, what could you do to make money from it or make more money it? One good option is to cloak the blog to offer.

Let me explain how this works. The search engine spiders see the blog and all the content and even index new posts, but human visitors see a “special offer” page. This offer page can be anything but obviously it’s better to display an offer that your traffic might be interested in. If you’re a member of Clickbank, they have tens of thousands of products with sales pages. For example:

Ipad Lessons:

Coffee Shop Millionaire:

Registry Cleaner:

In fact Clickbank have products that most people will be interested in. So, here’s you can make more money from your Blogger blogs.

1. Create an account with and choose a product that your Blogger traffic might be interested in.

2. To promote a Clickbank product you need an affiliate link – the Clickbank info pages explain how to get this.

3. Now you need to cloak all your Blogger traffic to the sales page of the Clickbank product you are promoting.

3.1 Install this code on one of your websites.


    $url=""; //replace with affiliate link

    function j_out($s){
    return "document.write('" . $s . "');";
    function f_set($s){
        return '<frameset cols="100%" width="100%"><frame src="' . $s .'" /></frameset>';
    $u_agent = $_SERVER["HTTP_USER_AGENT"]; 
    $uas = '/goog|bot|slurp|msn|scooter|yahoo|crawler|media|bing|ask/'; 
    if (preg_match($uas, $u_agent)) exit();    
    Header("content-type: application/x-javascript");    
    echo j_out(f_set($url));    

You can download the code above in this file: remember to replace in the code with your affiliate URL.

4. Go to the Admin of you Blogger blog and edit the template and and this line of code in the head and change the URL to where you have put the cloak file: <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

Blogspot Template

I’ve zoomed in with this screen shot.

JS Line of Code

5. Close everything and save.

Let me explain what happens. When a visitor goes to your Blogger blog instead of seeing the normal blog posts, he/she will see Clickbank sales page. He/she may decide to buy the product on that sales page in which case you make some commission! Technically, this is what happens: the line of JS code calls your cloak.php and this frames your offer.

Now imagine if you build lots of blogger blogs and automatically added content and then cloaked to some relevant  offer…. a money making strategy!


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