We’ve all done it: created a website in some niche, added content, wondered about keywords and eventually started to think about monetizing the site. It’s no wonder my sites fail to make much money or even any money – other than a few bucks from Adsense.

Imagine knowing which niche to enter, the keywords to target and even the products to promote! Wouldn’t that give you a massive advantage, while saving countless days, weeks and months creating websites that fail to bring in any real money.

If you’ve prepared to do a little research you’ll be amazed at the information successful blog and website owner share quite freely. For example, have look at the Million Dollar Blog Project leaderboard – screenshot below.

There are blogs on that leaderboard earning 3, 4 and 5 figures! Here’s some of the blogs earning 4 and 5 figures.

PSD Freebies

Super amazing, radically awesome, free collection of PSD design resources. There are icons, sliders, buttons, banners, ribbons, website themes and many more free Photoshop files you can download and use on your next web design project. These resources are for you to download and use in any way you want. Don’t be timid, freeload away! If you send some love back, that is always appreciated. Feel free to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and sign up for our RSS feed, to stay connected.

Revenue: $4012.00

Traffic details: http://getclicky.com/?site_id=66551698&sitekey=51829db726c85771


College Info Geek

College Info Geek is a blog that helps you be awesome at college.Going to college is like going to a baseball game. Not everyone can afford to get in, so those who are lucky enough to be there seem to have a leg up. However, after all the hotdogs, peanuts, and beer is consumed, only a few will catch a home run ball and walk out with a piece of history. The rest can comfort themselves with fond memories and a ticket stub pasted in a scrapbook somewhere.

Revenue: $16736.00

Traffic details: http://getclicky.com/user/#/stats/?site_id=66496489


Reader Dock

Our dedicated team is working hard to bring you the first charging docks with speakers designed specifically for the Kindle Fire, Nook Color/Tablet. We’ve learned a lot along the way and appreciate the support and exposure we’ve received.

Revenue: $23000.00

Traffic details: http://getclicky.com/?site_id=66502256&sitekey=9496f230ca3c1d6e


Life’s Too Good

We have a strong focus on efficiency and promoting attention to what is truly important. We create more time and resources for what’s really important by identifying and removing waste and excess.

We work closely with our clients and have a strict policy of working with only a few clients at any given time so that we can practice what we preach, i.e. we aim to give our clients plenty of time, focus and undeniable value in every service we offer.

Revenue: $23000.00

Traffic details: http://getclicky.com/?site_id=66502256&sitekey=9496f230ca3c1d6e


Dream Euro Trip

Get actionable travel advice, essential Euro Trip information and inspiration to help you plan your most EPIC Euro Trip yet. If you’re wondering how to start planning your Euro Trip, which travel insurance is best for you or how much will it all cost – the content here will help you figure them all out in record time. Once you’ve finalized the nitty gritty of your trip, then you can focus on the more fun stuff like reading up on which tapas to eat best in Spain or mapping out your pasta pilgrimage in Italy.

Revenue: $3506.00

Traffic: http//getclicky.com/stats/prefs-site?site_id=66554937&newsite#/stats/?site_id=66554937

Above is just a few idea ideas for money making websites, but I’ve covered money making sites/blogs before. One good source for ideas is Flippa as there are many on site on there that share traffic, revenue and more useful data.

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