I’ve already explained what spoofing the referrer is all about, why CPA Redirector was developed. I’ve also shared where all the latest CPA Redirectors/Farmers can be found in the WPBlackhat forum.

The latest version is CPA Redirector 5. This version allows referrer spoofing and redirecting of traffic from posts, pages, categories, tag pages and the homepage. Here’s a screenshot of CPA Redirector 5.

CPA Redirector 5

How to Install

Download from here and upload from to the plugin directory of your WordPress blog. Activate the plugin and that’s it, now it’s ready for use.

How to Use

Set a unique magic number in the magic number box. The default is 111 but choose anything except zero.

Now add the URLs you want to redirect your traffic to. You might, for instance, only use one URL.

Consider this example. You’re gaming Twitter tends for traffic and you’re getting plenty of it. You analyze the trends suspect most of the traffic is female and somewhere between 20’s to 40’s. You ask yourself what would be a good offer to send this traffic to? Perhaps a new, weight-loss supplement?

You create a blog about weightloss and add some banners like the one below.

Coffee Bean Weightloss

Install CPA Redirector 5 and add your affiliate link for the offer you are promoting to posts/pages/cats/homepages, etc. Example affiliate link: www.greencoffeebeanmax.com?af=2341234123 see screenshot below.

Redirect to Offer

Now send your Twitter traffic to the blog posts/pages/tags/homepage and referrer will be changed (spoofed) to the blog and traffic will then be redirected to the weightloss, green coffer bean offer. All the referrers will be the blog – only you know where the traffic came from and CPA Redirector will NEVER leak the referrer.

Here’s the coffee bean offer that pays over $40 per conversion.

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