Just to let every one know that both CPA Redirector 4 and CPA Redirector 2 are both old and no longer in use. They have been replaced by the awesome CPA Redirector 6. Here’s more info on CPA-R 6.

It’s mind-blowing easy to use – it can be up and running in one minute. You can redirect based on counties! It automatically choose a random URL on the blog to act as the fake referer and it will never leak!

There is no magic number!

Posts are randomly chosen for spoofing the referer so it’s dead easy to use.

You can create as many campaigns as you like. So, for example, you can redirect US traffic to one or more US offers, you can redirect UK traffic to one or more UK offers, you can redirect Australian traffic to one or more Australian offers, etc – you can redirect foreign traffic to foreign offers.

You can set which posts, homepage, cats, tags, etc, should get more emphasis so it looks totally natural.
From CPA Redirector 6

CPA Redirector 2 can be found here (old one and standalone): http://wpblackhat.com/wpblog/standalone-cpa-redirector-v2-old/

You can read more about the CPA Redirector plugin by clicking the link – more info below

One of the most important things can a blackhat should be able to do is spoof (hide or fake) the referrer of his traffic sources. What does this mean?

If you buy traffic from Google, Bing or even Facebook, usually the referrer will be Google, Bing or Facebook. But, what if you get traffic from Craigslist or you buy very cheap porn traffic, do you really want any advertisers on your sites to know that the traffic came from Craigslist or porn sites? Here’s some info from Wiki about referrer spoofing.

So, what’s the best and most reliable way to spoof/fake/hide/fake traffic referrers? In the nest series of posts I will cover different ways how to do this and even share the tools!! But there is only two things you can do to the referrer: blank it or spoof/fake it! Almost all affiliate companies will terminate your accounts if you blank all your traffic referrers because it’s simply not natural! Amazon, with one of the biggest affiliate programs, are routinely terminating accounts which completely blank all referrers – so be be warned! Spoofing or faking the referrer is the way to GO!

So, remember both CPA Redirector 2 and CPA Redirector 4 are both redundant now – do not use them! They have been both replaces both CPA Redirector 6 which is awesome and can be downloaded from here: http://wpblackhat.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=148 (CPA-R 6)

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